The majority of mainline employees – more than 100,000 people – as well as employees of PSA, Piedmont and Envoy will be a part of this program. Employees at level 5 and above who participate in other at-risk compensation programs will not be included.

Yes. All international mainline employees are eligible for the profit-sharing plan. Profit Sharing payments may be subject to local country rules. Any differences in your country will be communicated locally.

No. The payout will be a percentage of each eligible employee’s 2016 eligible earnings. So, the payout amounts will vary based on differences in eligible earnings.

The number we report excludes special charges and credits so that our financial results are more indicative of our ongoing performance and comparable to measures reported by other major airlines. For profit sharing, we exclude the cost of profit sharing and other at-risk compensation plans, which results in a higher number and increases the profit sharing pool for team members.


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